About Us


a group organized to achieve a common goal



Two or more parts working together in order to create something greater than the sum of their individual parts


Team Synergy

A company that provides powerful experiences designed to bring your group members together so they accomplish more


In today’s fast-paced global economy, working together is a challenge. Companies ask teams to do more with less and still remain competitive and profitable. Teams are made up of people from all over the world with different cultures, paradigms, and norms. Compounding this are the different generational and personality styles of doing business. Different isn’t bad, but it does require intentional effort to bring cohesion, coordination, and results.



At Team Synergy we recognize the challenge and provide a wide variety of solutions designed to meet your unique goals. It starts with a conversation where we help you identify your team’s specific challenges and team-development goals. From there we tailor a fun, interactive program to address your goals and create a synergized team.



At Team Synergy we’re passionate about helping your team members COME TOGETHER so they ACCOMPLISH MORE. Through our inspiring programs, your team members will see the often abstract concepts of teamwork and leadership play out in front of their eyes. As they go through a program, our facilitators will lead group discussions to help them discover lessons with real-world application. This sequential process encourages the development of a synergized team.


We operate all our programs with what we call the “Up to You” philosophy. This philosophy empowers all your team members to personally decide their level of participation throughout the experience. Our staff is trained to encourage – but never coerce – participation. While we intentionally challenge your members to step outside their comfort zones, just how far they step is up to them.


Paul Short


The President/Founder of Team Synergy and inSPIRE Rock Climbing Center, Paul’s personal life-statement is “to make a powerful and positive difference” in the lives of everyone he meets. His participation in an experiential team-development program in the 1990s, convinced him of the value and effectiveness of learning-by-doing. He had found the vehicle to accomplish his life-statement. Paul incorporated Team Synergy in 1997 to further his influence. His keen business insight and relational personality allow him to connect with and impact teams in an inspirational way.

Keith Vander Wall


After earning a Master’s degree from Michigan State University and working extensively in the non-profit and business arenas, Keith joined Team Synergy in 2007. His expertise in team dynamics and communication was quickly recognized and he worked his way up the ranks to Executive Director. With thousands of hours of facilitation experience, Keith is well-versed in helping teams come together.


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