The Weeds!

The Weeds!

It’s that time of year again when I look out my windows at home and sigh, “Weeds!” The lawns are waking up from winter and the weeds are starting to sprout. Every year I battle the onslaught of weeds because they damage the lawn, make it look bad, and can spread so easily.

In the work place there are things that wreak similar havoc. I call them “teamweeds.” Maybe it’s the stress that spreads after a round of lay-offs. Or it’s the division caused by office gossip. Perhaps it’s the confusion sparked by a poorly communicated directive. Whatever form they take, teamweeds damage a team’s abilities to work together. They mar the team’s image. And unless these weeds are dealt with, they can easily spread.

How do you fight teamweeds? I found some applicable advice as I researched fighting real weeds. Houston lawn and garden guru Randy Lemmon says, “The healthier the yard, the better natural defense it is against weeds . . .”  He is suggesting that the first step in preventing weeds should be to focus on the grass, not the weeds.

What does that mean for your team? Invest in what really matters – the team itself! On-going maintenance is required for a healthy lawn (fertilizing, watering, mowing, etc.). So too, a team needs regular care to stay healthy. Plus it’s more fun than dealing with those teamweeds!

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