Spring: A Synonym for a Fresh Start

Spring: A Synonym for a Fresh Start

Spring is just around the corner. In Texas we’re seeing the signs everywhere: flowers, sunshine, and butterflies, to name a few. The coming season is full of newness and excitement. Spring is the quintessential time to think about fresh starts.

At Team Synergy we realized it was the right time to redo our website and have a fresh start. Was the old one bad? No. Was it great? Probably not.

There just comes a time for a fresh start, a time to make things better.

Updating the website has not been quick, nor easy. It has taken time, effort, and resources. Things have been written and rewritten a second, third, maybe even a fourth time. Yet, it is worth it! We’re excited about the final product and how it represents our company.

At Team Synergy we specialize in helping others get fresh starts.

Some teams come to us newly-formed. Excitement and potential abounds. As a facilitator, it’s great fun helping them establish their cultures and norms!

Other teams come to us well-established. Although they work together and get things done, they recognize that things could be better. “Good is the enemy of great”, as Jim Collins so deftly points out in Good to Great. It’s rewarding to come alongside a good team and send it off again on its way to greatness.

For both new and old teams, a fresh start takes time, effort, and resources. Busy schedules make it difficult to find a time when all can come together. It can be hard work to improve the team’s functioning (which is why we try to inject some fun into the process). Money, emotions, and other resources have to be invested.

But oh, the payback! When I consider all that I love about springtime – the beauty, energy, and vivacity – I know there’s nothing better than a fresh start. I’m thrilled to help instigate fresh starts for teams, and to see them accomplishing great things!

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